Se anche voi foste in quel piccolo psico-dramma nel quale vi atate cercando nella protagonista di un romanzo, capireste perchè mi sto sciroppando 30 capitol tutti d’un fiato rinunciando di fatto a qualsiasi interazione sociale, riducendo quindi a zero le possibilità di vita 🙂

Capitolo 30.

Tra tutte le reazioni che mi ero immaginata e che avevo contemplato, mai avrei pensato di poter ridere. E ridere così tanto.

E’ come se Julian fosse arrivato a salvarmi da quella ennesima pioggia. Che avevo dentro.

Perché le emozioni sono come il meteo: per quanto uno possa stimarle e prevederle…sono imprevedibili.

E sono belle per questo.

Salimmo in macchina fradici.


Non sapevamo dove andare, né soprattutto perché ci stavamo andando.

“Where are we headed, Miss?”

As long as it’s far from promises, flowers, and churches.”

“As you wish, Mademoiselle!”

“I didn’t have breakfast… I would recommend a tour with lots of coffee, pretzels and… and then I think you can slip into the cholesterol of fast food.

What do you think about this tour?”

The Magical Mystery Tour is hoping to take you away… said someone, once…”


Lo ammetto…citare I Beatles ha sempre un certo ascendente su di me. 🙂
Non so se fosse carino…E lo so che ve lo state chiedendo 🙂
Non lo so, o almeno, non lo sapevo perchè, semplicemente, non me lo stavo chiedendo.

Mangiammo dolci su dolci su dolci, bevemmo almeno dieci tipi di caffè diversi e ridemmo, tantissimo 🙂
Lo avevo Hollizzato, in pratica!!!
Risaliti in macchina alla ricerca dell’ennesimo locale da esplorare, Julian si ricordò che, oltre al nostro folle tour, il mondo stave andando Avanti.

“Oh…..25 unanswered calls, 15 unread messages….”

“Oh God, Julian!!!
What time is it???
How long have we been around????”

“You want to know It, exactly?

We’ve been together for exactly three hours and forty seven minutes.
We’ve tasted nine different coffee blends (you’re crazy, Girl, I hope you know that!!!!), five donuts and now we’re headed to fast food where, most likely, we’ll eat as many burgers!”

Stavo masticando l’ultimo pezzetto di ciambella quando mi resi conto che il tempo fugge quando la mente è libera.
Nonostante fossi partita senza bagaglio, il peso di quell viaggio lo sentivo tutto.
E in quelle tre ore e quarantasette minuti mi sembrò di essere davvero senza bagaglio, leggera.
Ma era giusto davvero?
Per lui, era giusto davvero?
Probabilmente Julian non aveva nulla da alleggerire. Non quell giorno, almeno.

“Julian… I’m feeling so good right now… and in this day I could imagine everything, except that I feel good.
But that’s not fair.
It’s not right for you.
You can’t miss everything because I feel good.
Go to the party, Jude… it’s the right thing to do.”

“Not always the right thing is the right thing to do.
I’ll make a call.
Two minutes.”

Ce ne impiegò appena più di due.
Mi piace quando qualcuno mantiene quello che dice.

“Here I am.”

“When you came in, before…you actually interrupted something.”

“Let me say… even a fool like me, guessed it!!!!”

“You’re not a Fool, first of all.
You are…just…strange!
But I’m a little bit strange, too… 🙂 🙂
You are not how I imagined… you are not how he described…You seem to be not.”

“You’re wrong, Miss Holly 🙂
I’m like Tom described, of course I am.
But I’m also what you’re “experiencing” now.”

“So you’re telling me you’re bipolar????” 🙂 🙂

“Ahahah…not…I hope Not, my sweet caffeine girl!
We are a hundred thousand people at the same time because we exist in every contexts we live. We are what and who other people perceive of us and pull us out.”
You are a beautiful, crazy girl who knows everything about the Beatles, about how to enjoy coffee and sweet donuts.
But you are also an Italian little crazy girl who took a flight at dawn without having breakfast, landed in the middle of a wedding and remained to look, in a corner, alone. Twisting her hair.”

“You didn’t ask me and maybe you did not ask yourself why I did all this things…
I took a flight, round trip in the day, without baggage, to pounce on a princely marriage without being invited.
It’s…strange, don’t?

And in this time You didn’t ask me anything about.
Are you discreet… or what?”

“I’m discreet, of course. But It doesn’t matter!
I have never taken so many sugars in three hours even in my entire life and I would not have missed my brother’s wedding party for anything in the world.

I’d like to know everything about YOU…ABOUT YOU.
I didn’t ask you anything about why you’re here because… I simply don’t care.

I want to start from here, from now, from that moment when I surprised you ranting against telephones, taxies and so on…

You certainly had a reason to do all of this…a reason I could maybe not understand.
And you, telling me, would summarize it, taking importance and value away from it.”
“I think you should go… It’s better. It’s better for us, today.
This is an important day and it’s important that you’ll be there.”

“I know…You’re right… But it was spontaneous, insane and enjoyable to spend these hours with you.
In these hours I’ve done things that I have never done in a year or maybe more!”
“Really? Are you talking about coffee and donuts?
I’m sorry… 🙂 I know, my rhythms are impossible!”


“The rhythm of your cheerfulness is difficult to sustain… not only the one about coffee and sugars…

Where do you want me to leave you?”

“Mmmh…you will eat mini-finger-food at your wedding party and
I’ll eat maxi-food at fast food…
I’ll complete out tour…we owe It, right?”

“You convinced me…… as you did in the last… 4 hours!!!! 🙂
Holly… Whatever the reason you came here for, thank you for doing it.”

“Knowing You was strange, beautiful, surreal.

-Surreale, ma bello-, said Hugh Grant….”

Scesi dalla macchina, leggera.

“Holly… at school, many years ago, they made me read a lot of books about Italian literature…”

“Me too”

“I’m thinking of a specific title, but I can’t remember It…
However, It could be perfect to describe me, now.”

“It is very beautiful when a writer manages to capture a reader, sewing his story on him…”

“There was a passage that acted like this…

-He knew her and himself,
because, in truth,
it had never been known himself.

And she knew him and herself,
because, even though she always knew herself,
she had never been able to recognize her in that way.-

“Oh….wait wait wait a minute….IL BARONE RAMPANTE!
I can’t believe you’ve read it and you can quote a passage like that! It’s amazing!

You’re amazing!”

“Great! Great!!! Yes!!!!!!! Can you translate it into Italian, for me?”

“One of the pleasures of life, is the pleasure of discovery…
Today, this morning, I came here without any expectation, and I was surprised.

So much.

I don’t wanna have an…indigestion!!

The next time we meet each other, you’ll have your translation.

We’re not forced to eat everything right away.

This.. food doesn’t have an expiration date…
Have fun at the party, Jude.

And thanks to you for making me feel so good.

It was practically impossible for anyone, today.”


“I’m looking for something to tell you that can summarize these crazy hours together…!”


“You just did It!”


“Enjoy your flight, Holly… can I say “see you soon?”


“Of course you can.
See you soon, Jude”.