Era lui ad aver trovato me.
Chissà se, in fondo, è adata davvero così tra noi.
Chissà se sono stata io a trovarlo.
O lui a trovare me.
Mi guardò, impietrito.

Non fui in grado di partorire una sola sillaba.
Era lì, davanti a me. Bellissimo.
In un abito che aveva poca importanza per me.
In un flash, fu come rivivere tutto.

“I need some pennies for parking.”
“I have pick up a dress….a wedding dress…”
“You’re wearing beautiful earrings”
“I wish this night would never end…”

Quel <mine> mi riportò al presente.
Con un moto uniformemente accelerato.

“Holly…..Oh my God…Holly…
Why are you here?
I cannot believe…you’re here!”

Eri bellissimo.

You are… you are beautiful!
This is… This is the… famous dress 🙂

It looks great on you! Despite those two or three more kilos 😉 😉 ”

Quando sorridi sei ancora più bello.

“How…How do I look?”

“You look great. As always.
Ma quando sorridi sei ancora più bello.”

“You spoke to me in Italian!
It’s the first time!”

“Oh!!!!! I’m sorry…What a fool!!!”

“No! You’re not a fool!!
It’s nice to hear you speak in your language…
I like It!!
But…Can you please tell me what you told me? 🙂
Otherwise it’s not fair! 🙂 ”

“Mmh…Maybe I could 🙂
I just said that…
I simply said that when you smile you are…more beautiful!”

“You too.
Even when you smile, you’re beautiful!
But…I cannot believe…
When did you get here?

I got here half an hour ago.
Taxi and… here I am.

You forgot this.
And I thought you might need it… so…So, I brought it back.”

Pescai dalla mia borsa quell’ombrello che sembrava, in quel momento, la cosa più sciocca e stupida da usare come scusa.

“This one?
That’s my umbrella!
How do you get it? I lent it to an old lady when I came to…”

“Wait… wait a minute.
Is it really yours?
I needed an excuse to come here, so…
Did you come where?”

“I came to your house before I went back here.
I tried to call you. I’ve done it a hundred times…
And then, I came to your house.
But you weren’t there.
And now you’re here.


“Tom, stop.
I shouldn’t have run away, that day.
I shouldn’t have screamed.
And then, I kept running away
And I got here.
Because I could have escaped even in another galaxy.
But I can’t run away from me.
No more.
To…I’m in love with you.
From a long time… maybe even before that.
And from this love I cannot and I do not want to escape anymore.
What I’m feeling for you is something beautiful, which made me move, which made me discover who I am, even before who you are.
I’m happy.
I’m happy because I understand that you are happy.
And that’s enough for me to be happy.
I’m sorry because I ran away and I left you without a word.

But I needed to understand.
And tell you that I want to know you’re happy.
I don’t know how It is possible…But…
I am happy.
For you.
And I love you, Tom.
So much. So Much.
You know that.”

Glielo dissi come andava detto.
con la voce calma, guardandolo negli occhi, con gli occhi lucidi.
Mi sono inamorata di te.
E voglio che tu sia felice.

“And…I haven’t told you yet: good luck.”

“Holly…. Today is one of the most beautiful and important days of my life.
And before, while I was in front of the mirror preparing myself, I thought I missed you.
I thought that selfishly I wanted you to be here on such an important day for me.

“Are you crying?
Oh no sweetheart…Do not!”

“And I have to tell you that…”

“Tom! Are you ready, bro?
Everybody’s waiting for you!
The Reverend wants you to…
Oh, sorry, I didn’t know…
I thought you were here alone…”

“I… it’s my fault, sorry!
I was going away!
Tom…I wish you…”

“I’ll meet the Reverend, I’ll wait for you there.
Good bye…”

“Holly, I’m Holly”.

“Good bye Holly”

“Tom… you have to go…”

“Stay here”.


“Stay here.

“Tom…I can’t…”

“Holly, I know I can’t ask you anything, and I have no right to do it, but… please. Stay here.
I want you to stay.”

“Good luck, handsome London boy.”

Non mi voltai.
Non lo toccai.
Non lo guardai.

Non avrei mai potuto cancellare quell’immagine.
Quell’immagine di lui che se ne va.
Non voltatevi.
Non voltatevi mai.
Perchè da quell’immagine non potrete scappare mai.